Take Action before July so your site doesn’t get the Google Chrome Not Secure warning.

As detailed in the email you received you have 3 options to deal with the Google Not-Secure Warning issue for your website.  Please fill in and send the form below and we will immediately take the action you request.

Option 1

Ongoing Maintenance & Security Plan – $100 per month ex GST

When signing up for 12 months includes –

  • SSL Certificate install
  • Daily site backups
  • Constant updates of both platform software & all plugins to ensure no code security vulnerabilities
  • Constant site security scanning for malware & virus protection
  • Traffic & Analytics reporting
  • Monthly Report sent to you

Option 2

Standalone SSL Install – $200 per annum ex GST

Includes –

  • Purchase and install of trusted SSL Certificate to your website.

Option 3

Take No Action

Take no action, have visitors to your site receive a warning that the site is not safe AND have your google rankings suffer.

    Please Select Option Below
    Option 1 (Ongoing Maintenance & Security Plan)Option 2 (Standalone SSL Certificate Install)Option 3 (Take No Action)